Hello, I’m Sayan Goswami

My interests span across a myriad range of topics — reinforcement learning, robotics, multi-agent systems, machine learning in general, distributed systems, theoretical CS — to name a few.

I am presently pursuing my masters in Intelligent Interactive Systems at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies in UPF, Barcelona. My thesis advisor is Prof. Anders Jonsson.

I completed my bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering at Jadavpur University, India. As an undergraduate researcher, I worked with Prof. Amit Konar on applying reinforcement learning to multi-agent systems and on algorithmic creativity at the Artificial Intelligence Lab, Jadavpur University.

I love to learn, build solutions to tackle challenging problems.



  • Brain Signal Analysis for Mind Controlled Type-Writer Using a Deep Neural Network Rohini Das, Sayan Goswami, Sayantani Ghosh, Mousumi Laha, Chandrima Debnath and Amit Konar
    5th WiSPNET, 2020 code paper
  • Relationship between Nash Equilibria and Pareto Optimal Solutions for Games of Pure Coordination Rohini Das, Sayan Goswami and Amit Konar
    10th ICCCNT, 2019 code paper
  • Application of Deep Neural Network on Image Co-segmentation Sayan Goswami and Subhasis Chaudhuri
    Indian Academy of Sciences SRF Report, 2018 code paper


I occasionally blog too. :)